Akosha is a team bunch of experts nerds in the digital product development "space".
What does that mean?

We like creating useful things. That means strategy first, painful development after that and heavy duty execution on top - with a lot of tweaking (and twerking) in between. Together with you.

We work with a modular content framework that combines and integrates the best-in-class apps and platforms for content production, CRM-data handling and content distribution. It's pretty dope.

We build dynamic knowledge bases for organizations big and small by creating smart content products that generate positive results for all stakeholders.

What we do

Strategy & Vision

Let's formulate an integrative set of choices that positions you to grow organically - starting today.

Product Development

From idea to launch, we ensure you're building the right solution for the right problem and the right audience.

Product Management

We help you iterate and advance your digital products to be highly engaging and loved by your audience.

Design & User Experience

We design intuitive and user-friendly experiences to attract, engage and retain your audience.

Digital Product Branding

We give your organization an identity to make a positive and lasting impressions on your audience.

Content Production

Communicating your proposition is important for your audience to understand your product.

How we do it

Strategy Development, Market Research, Roadmapping, MVP Development, Branding, UX Design, Interface Design, Website Design, MTO / ETO (Product), Video Production, Audio Production, Storytelling, Product Positioning, Product Messaging, Product Advancement, Ongoing Servicing

Pretty impressive, we know.

Happy customers

Deromond, deromond.com

  • Content Framework (MTO)
  • Knowledge Base (ETO)
  • Content Production

Gediasan, gediasan.at

  • Content Framework (MTO)
  • Knowledge Base (MTO)
  • Website + Store + Portal
  • Content Production


  • Content Framework (MTO)